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Greetings from Camp Apocalypse

Yesterday I wrote about the challenges of being in another state when a ban on domestic flights was imminent.

I came home to a State of Emergency where Governor Gary Herbert decreed all restaurants, bars, gyms, churches to be closed. People can purchase take-out food, but can't gather in groups; in fact, a friend shared that he overheard on a police scanner a group of people milling about socializing in front of a pizza parlor on Salt Lake City's State Street were disbanded by threat of force.

Fortunately, I am stocked up and had no need to resupply before returning to my mountain cabin. I did stop for fresh produce so I could make a nice pot of vegetable soup, and was pleasantly surprised to see the market reasonably stocked and people were pleasant to each other.

After the worries I had with my family being scattered across this continental land mass, we were all finally together, I returned to the mountains and I could breathe a sigh of relief. Or so I thought. At a little after 7 am local time, I felt the house shake, and my initial thought was my stupid cats were fighting on the bed. I heard the house rattle and next figured it was high winds, but it didn't take long for this California ex-pat to recognize the familiar feeling of an earthquake. A few minutes later my older son called, and the ringing of the phone alone confirmed my suspicions.

The epicenter of the 5.7 quake was in Magna, right near their house. All was well there, fortunately. Mother Nature wasn't done yet, as I also awoke to heavy snows and very poor visibility. Gone was the lawn and driveway finally cleared just 24 hours ago, but Utah winters have a way of smacking us in the face before finally letting spring emerge. The Salt Lake City International Airport is also closed and has been evacuated – good thing I came home when I did.

So many people are asking how we are doing and what is happening, I though I would share this with you. Now that current events seem to have FINALLY gotten the attention of people not interested in being prepared, I will be writing something almost daily. My purpose of this post is to let you know it is so important to be prepared for ANYTHING. While eyes may be on the Coronavirus and gathering supplies at the last minute, nature hits you with the reminder she has much in store for us, and we may not have advance notice.

When I came home was I ready to shelter in place? Yes. Knowing we had snow coming did I have fuel or my plow and tractor? Also yes. Was I prepared to quickly escape my home with proper cold weather attire and boots handy by my bed for an earthquake? Nope. I will address that post haste.

Pay attention to these reminders, and check for “holes” in your preparedness plans. I will keep you posted as events unfold, so please check in to my site regularly, or subscribe to my email list, as I will do this on a regular basis. If you find my information helpful, please also consider making a small donation; there is a Pay-Pal button on my Home Page. Be safe, be well, be smart.

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