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Fight or Flight? My Experience Traveling During the Coronavirus Scare.

I have been living a life of preparedness for about a decade now, and my biggest worry was that when SHTF my family and I would be scattered and/or away from my home base, unable to get to our shelter and supplies.

Last year, I scheduled a trip to Tennessee to meet up with friends. As this crisis was unraveling, I became concerned about the timing and considered canceling my trip. I believe in preparedness, but it must be tempered with what is practical and reasonable; you must base the lifestyle on what is rational, and not allow fear and panic to control you. That being said, I decided to take a plane to Nashville, knowing the risks of illness which could be mitigated. My bigger concern was a travel ban for the reasons stated above.

At departure time, President Trump issued a travel ban to Europe, and my radar immediately starting wondering about a ban on domestic travel, but still, it seemed time was on my side. The key to preparedness is flexibility; if your situation changes, how quickly can you adapt? I had a few options, but none were as optimal as a flight home. Also, my son was in St. Petersburg, FL to work the Indy Car race in a supporting series. My other son and his father remained in Utah; we were scattered.

As luck would have it, my return flight had a stopover in Los Angeles, and my older son informed me of the events transpiring at LAX, as he was in touch with other race employees who were also traveling, some at that airport.

5th of March, rather than the 16th, a small change I considered reasonable in light of a risk of significant inconvenience and possible quarantine. I weighed the risks and benefits of changing my return plans, and even though I lost the money for my previous ticket, I have no regrets. A day after my return, I am now seeing that there are talks of banning domestic flights.

Regardless of my opinion of the public reaction overall, if there are going to be shutdowns nationwide of business establishments, it makes no sense to continue domestic flights.

I have other friends who had long drives on their return trips home, so if you are one of those who must travel on the road, please get your supplies now; food, water, what you may need, and do your very best to make it home quickly. If domestic flights are canceled road travel may become difficult.

I just wanted to share some of my thoughts as these events unfold, so please check my site regularly, as I will do this on a regular basis. If you find my information helpful, please also consider making a small donation; there is a Pay-Pal button on my Home Page. Be safe, be well, be smart.

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