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Warning about Popular Long-Term Food Products

For those starting their preparedness lifestyle, food supplies are a primary concern. It is tempting to “solve” this potential problem by simply buying ready-made long-term food supplies and move on to other areas of preparedness. You can spend thousands of dollars and buy several years' worth of food supplies for your entire family. Sounds convenient, but it this really a good idea?

Freeze-dried foods if packaged and stored properly can have a shelf life of 25 years. There are more important factors to consider than longevity, and I have been warning my followers for some time that while these products may be handy for short-term emergencies, relying on them solely can be detrimental to your health, lowering your prospects for long-term survival. For instance, these products tend to be very high in sodium, and those with certain health conditions will not do well on such a diet if consumed exclusively.

I have several buckets of WISE Foods, and plan to incorporate them as PART of a comprehensive and varied food supply, which I will discuss in future emails and blogs.

For now, please be aware, that my concerns are not coming to fruition, as there is a pending class-action lawsuit against WISE Food Company. The gist of the suit concerns the appropriateness of the diet and calories the meals provide, and how the food as marketed will NOT be sufficient for the time frame advertised. This article discusses the suit concerning WISE, but the principles certainly apply to all freeze-dried food supplies intended for long-term storage. You can read about the suit here:

So what to do? Don't throw the supplies out, but also, consider them to be merely a small part of your overall food plan.

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