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The Missing Link: Covid-19 and Gun Control

When we first started getting reports about a new, deadly virus coming from China, I immediately started thinking this was another Bird Flu or Swine Flu scare we've seen over the years. Then the imagery started going viral over social media – videos of people dropping dead in their offices, homes and the streets of Wuhan. The people dying appeared to be succumbing to respiratory failure. People were seen stepping over bodies lying in the streets, and the match was tossed on a mile high pile of kindling the oligarchs have been waiting to ignite.

In response to these images and the relentless fear-mongering from the corporate media, people started behaving in a manner that a year ago would have seemed like madness. Many state and local governments shut down businesses, issued mask and social distancing mandates, turning civility into suspicion – who is a carrier, who will spread this deadly virus to me or my loved ones? As we have seen, no opportunity has been missed by those who seek to gain from a society paralyzed with fear, regardless of the fact that the rate of survival for those who actually became infected was over 99%.

Contact tracing, no cash accepted, one infringement upon our privacy and liberty imposed after another. If you refuse to comply or complain about losses of liberty, the gas lighting starts, as I explained here.

I also felt that this “crisis” would be used to put President Trump in a bad spot, as he would be blamed no matter what his actions might be. As soon as the mail-in ballots started being sent out in by the millions, I also predicted the chaos of the 2020 election.

But what I was really wondering was how this situation would be used to further the Holy Grail of the Neo-Marxist movement, and that is gun control. On November 10, 2020, Newsmax published an article with the following headline:

Study: 1 in 5 Coronavirus Patients Has Mental Health Problems

The research indicated 20% of survivors experienced depression, anxiety or insomnia after their diagnosis. According to the study, “Survivors of COVID-19 appear to be at increased risk of psychiatric sequelae, and a psychiatric diagnosis might be an independent risk factor for COVID-19.” How is this possibly related to the “pandemic?” Think Red Flag Laws. Now there will be a mental health stigma attached to the disease, even if you have NO long-term effects, psychiatric or otherwise.

Want to purchase a firearm? Maybe ATF form 4473 will ask you about it, like they do marijuana use; even in states where it is legal, a "yes" answer will disqualify you from being “allowed” to purchase any firearm.

Will a positive test be counted as a “case” for purposes of firearm ownership? What if you have stated opposition to how the government has handled this “pandemic” is interpreted as behavior indicative of mental illness – we see the term slung around a lot when opposite “sides” refer to the other. What about if or when those in power consider those who take exception to being forced to wear masks or get vaccinated are caught up in the Red Flag Laws/gun control net, like non-violent felons or those convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence?

The real pandemic affecting society is government tyranny. Is it so implausible, given all the other insane restrictions imposed upon us, to assume the petty tyrants won't use this excuse to socially distance us from our guns?

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