Sheep Seem Happy - What Have I Done?

When I first became a mom, nothing was further from my mind than the political climate. Despite the fact that I had a degree in political science from UCLA and was practicing law, I had very little interest in domestic or foreign affairs of a political nature. My boys were 1 and 3 when 9/11 shook America to its core, and my first reaction was to lament the kind of world I brought these children into. When I was growing up, events like this happened in other countries, not ours.

Even though I was raised in California, I came from a conservative family, and found solace in the fact that at least a Republican was “in charge” and that everything would be OK. I started following the news, initially the corporate media. I noticed a pattern of inconsistencies and sought information elsewhere, and thanks to the internet, I was able to learn from alternative sources, like the ones banned from the main social media platforms today.

I recall being very angry during the Obama years; couldn't the American people see how bad he was? I watched social media posts counting down the days until the end of his first term, only to start again after Mitt Romney (who was essentially the same) was defeated. I also recall during the campaign seeing both couples at a White House press dinner, where they donned tuxedos and formal gowns, sipping champagne while Americans wept. I realized that there was no “good versus evil” battle between the two parties, but a game played before the people to give the illusion that you must pick a side, and the enemy is the OTHER side.

Many have correctly summed up the presidencies of the two Bushes, Clinton and Obama as one long, miserable Administration. When Donald Trump was elected, his supporters expected great things; some were pleased, some weren't. The Left should have been ecstatic when Joe Biden was elected, but a guest told me on a recent show that many are not.

The real enemy is the entity pitting people against each other. One "side" is winning, and if anything became clear over the course of the past year, it is that. The State has expanded its power exponentially and will continue to do so now that the population has submitted, thanks to a year of restrictions, threats, intimidation and penalties.

The tyranny that befell people around the world should have been nipped in the bud. Thanks to compulsory state-sponsored education, and a corporate media licensed by a corrupt federal government, and tech giants willing to quash dissent, about half the population has embraced lockdowns and a plethora of contradictory mandates. Many want untested vaccinations forced on everyone, including those who have no desire for it.

I sometimes envy the Progressives, as everything is clearly going their way. Most seem grateful for their tyrannical politicians, as they consider neo-Marxist policies benefit the greater good; sacrificing individual liberty is of no concern to them.

How much more enjoyable life would be if we weren't concerned over the loss of our ability to defend ourselves, loss of property rights, and eventually, loss of our ultimate property right, our body autonomy? Worried about a virus? Put on a mask, social distance, stay home, let your business fail, stop going to the gym, have fast food delivered to your home – contactless, of course. Then be sure to thank your government overlords for keeping you and Gramma “safe.” Politicians have bragged about their impact and how they have changed people's behavior. They have admitted to manipulating their handling of the virus for economic benefit.

Dissent is not tolerated. Factual arguments are removed, and anyone sharing them gets their pages banned or their reach throttled back to a point where you can't help but ask “why do I bother?”

Censorship is annoying and an inconvenience for content providers, but the larger question is what have we done to our children? When we lived in California, my neighbor bragged about all the extra-curricular activities her very young son had during and after day care. She admitted they had very little time for him, but, “this way, he'll learn to follow.”

My sons are now in their 20s, and I can't help but wonder who might be emotionally better off - the children whose parents raised them to be compliant and obedient, or those like mine? Will children who were raised to be self-reliant and by necessity suspicious of the Nanny State be better off because the have the skill set to survive during harsh times? Perhaps, but until that time, what will life be like for them?

For now, people are encouraged to get vaccinated; some colleges and places of business will require them for attendees and employees. We have seen businesses continuing restrictions absent government mandates for masks, but the shot is a bit problematic. The Seattle Mariners have launched a rewards program to encourage fans to get vaccinated; they even offer them at the game. More “rewards” beyond special seating for vaccinated fans (I guess we're NOT in this together after all...) will be announced soon. United Airlines is joining the party as well. So much for the Friendly Skies.

Expect the unvaccinated to be denied entry to events such as these, much like the unmasked were denied access to many businesses; try traveling on an airplane without one. Last year people did not have access to food unless the masked up to go to a grocery store, had curbside delivery or had meals (usually unhealthful) delivered to their homes. Expect a caste system where certain members of society are deemed unclean and hence unwelcome. Want to see live musical performances? Movies? Plays? According to Hilary Clinton, “It’s pretty simple: Get vaccinated. Get your life back.”

Life henceforth will be nothing like it was in 2019. My sons are 20 and 22. For the rest of their lives will they be looked at askance if they are not able to provide proof of vaccination? Will their social and professional lives be adversely impacted because the values and knowledge we instilled in them outside the government education system? Will they be less happy than those who blindly comply?

I have no answers to any of these questions, I only know one thing: I couldn't have taught them any other way.

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