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Red Flag Laws and Thought Control

Social Media and Government Working Together

Recently, things have been looking pretty glum for the Democrat Party; the “Squad” has been the subject of ridicule, the Green New Deal has been discredited, and Medicare for All is questioned by some of their own party members as well. Not much that can be given to one class of voters at the expense of others isn't on the block, either, an indication that America is farther along its journey to becoming the socialist country President Trump promised it would never be.

The hopefuls in the presidential debates made a mockery of themselves in what I have seen described on social media as a circular firing squad. Joe Biden appeared incoherent, and Tulsi Gabbard exposed Kamala Harris, a front runner, for the fraud that she is. Tulsi's non-intervention stance is ignored and/or mocked by the media.

Clearly with nothing but a failing platform to run on, something had to change the narrative to one the GOP would be shamed into backing, turning on their own constituency. Within a week, the all eyes followed the laser pointer to gun control, as a direct result of three mass shooting incidents, one in Gilroy, California, the others in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

Accusations of the shooters being either leftists or white supremacists were flung from all sides, and President Trump foolishly took the bait, proclaiming that there is no room for hatred or white supremacy in America. He and many other politicians have expressed a willingness to pursue further restrictions on the right of law-abiding Americans to purchase and own firearms.

Background checks would not have prevented these shootings. However, Trump has pledged to work with the very social media companies he accuses of bias against conservatives to stop these events before they can happen. I am also writing this on the day Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in his jail cell. If one takes the official narrative as true, you can't help but wonder how government can have the confidence to claim that intrusions into the lives of everyone living in this country, on a scale unimaginable when the Constitution was drafted, can possibly prevent gun violence. Jeffrey Epstein was in custody, and after one failed attempt, was placed on a suicide watch.

Think about that: the very government that considers itself competent to prevent gun violence across the Union, could not keep ONE man from killing himself who was in a cell, under their care and supervision. If you believe the narrative, the claim that they can keep Americans safe is completely without merit.

In order to instill public support for Extreme Risk Protection Orders (“Red Flag” laws), there must be a new focus. The red-dot of the laser pointer propaganda is an emotion, “hatred.” A human emotion, one we all experience, shall be used as justification for these gun confiscation orders. How does one select which person's human emotion will qualify, absent any conduct? Formerly, only certain individuals could report a person for gun confiscation. California is attempting to expand the categories of people who can report a gun owner for this purpose. Now, elected officials are further abandoning their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution to prevent gun violence, and the very individuals who have silenced conservative voices are going to help them decide who has the requisite amount of “hatred” in their hearts to find themselves in the government cross hairs, literally.

Social media companies like Face Book have admitted to relying on the opinions of outfits like the Southern Poverty Law Center to determine what is “hateful,” which is problematic because the SLPC is known for its attacks on those not buying into their Marxist agenda and revisionist history.

In 2018 I had the honor of speaking at a Sons of Confederate Veterans Education Day in Alabama. I am in a photo with the other speakers and organizer with the group's emblem also in the shot. Will I now, thanks to the metadata tags, be on the radar of the gun-grabbers?

The anti-gun movement got its start with the 1934 National Firearms Act, after a The Valentine's Day Massacre, sparked by Prohibition - another federal government program lacking Constitutional authority. Additional layers have been added to federal firearms restrictions, from the prohibition of felons and even those with misdemeanor domestic violence convictions from owning or possessing firearms of any kind. Background checks searching for mental health issues will target law-abiding individuals, something made easy to do after the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Expect those who need care in this area to eschew it, lest they lose their right to defend themselves or their families.

Mere thoughts, expressions and emotions will be the next means by which gun owners will be targeted by an over-zealous and out-of-control federal government, who, it should be remembered, have no authority to regulate firearms at all. First they came for certain kinds of guns; then they added certain convictions for lifetime bans, then they started banning accessories. Now, they are discussing another “assault rifle” ban, even though crimes using these guns did not rise once the previous ban expired.

The FBI recently said “conspiracy theorists” are a type of possible domestic terrorist, so not only is questioning the official narrative dangerous, so is expressing opposing political views. Still that is not enough, now they are going to judge us by a human emotion that is part of us all, like it or not.

Hate is an emotion, so they are effectively trying to ban a feeling, absent harmful conduct of any kind. This is thought control and punishing individuals for what they think or feel, and this is a dangerous and slippery slope. Any opposition to tyranny will be quashed, all under the auspices of keeping us safe. Red Flag laws may seem like a good idea, and if they are, it will not be because they keep society safe, but because they keep the tyrannical government the Constitution was intended to keep in check safe. Perspective changes everything.

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