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Message to New "Home Schooling" Parents

Anyone who has followed me knows I am a staunch supporter of home schooling. The politics of government education are irrelevant now, because, hey, everyone is a home schooler!

When I first started with my two boys, who are now grown, I was afraid to jump off the deep end, so I started with a home-based charter school, still part of the public system, but we had the flexibility to enjoy our time schedule and pace for the most part. Many families must now do the same, but they do have the benefit of a curriculum provided by the schools their children attended for purposes of continuity.

The advice I see from some of the mainstream outlets focuses on continuity for kids, and keeping them on a schedule. It can be a difficult process for parents and the kids to adjust to, but I want to encourage them to abandon plans of continuity and a strict adherence to course work. Obviously, there will have to be assignments to complete for grades, but do take the time to get these kids out doors, and participate in activities you may not have had the chance to do before everyone went on this lock down.

Hopefully, the system won't attempt to monopolize students' time by piling on extra work, as there is often less time needed to get through the lesson plan outside the traditional school setting. Students can also take advantage of the opportunity to educate themselves on their time schedule, which means more time for personal discovery and quality time with their family.

Please see this as a positive, and resist the negativity, such as, “Oh, I don't think I can manage this with them home all day long!” as they WILL pick up on your energy. Regardless of community lock downs, at this time, everyone is “allowed” to get out and walk around, bearing in mind precautions are observed to avoid spreading the virus.

So, go for walks, get out into nature, teach them (or maybe yourself with them) how to cook a new favorite meal, watch a movie, play with the pets, even (sorry kiddos!) get them involved with chores! Whatever, anything, just enjoy them. Mine are grown, and I would give anything to start the process all over, but they aren't buying it!

My hope is many parents and kids will end up loving their time together and continue to self-educate once it is no longer mandatory. Future articles and podcast/live feed guests will discuss various strategies of home schooling, but for now, relax, unwind, and enjoy, and know I AM JEALOUS!

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