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Electile Dysfunction 2020

When we started kicking around the idea of doing an election night show, Suzanne named the show Electile Dysfuntion 2020. Little did we know at that time how prophetic that name would be. Suzanne called it a night fairly early but Jeff continued to watch till about 1:15 AM Eastern. When Jeff called it a night, Trump had won. The media was just not calling it. Enter the Electile Dysfunction 2020. We decided to draft a statement clarifying our position on the election; this post is jointly written by Jeff Johnson and Suzanne Sherman.

2020 has been a year like no other, so why would we expect anything less for the election? Who would have thought that election fraud would not be newsworthy? The media is complicit in the election fraud. They provided cover for the polling place workers to manufacture enough votes to erase President Trump's lead.

Lest you think this is a pro-Trump blog, we do not carry water for any candidate or party. We are only interested in truth. What is the truth? Many states and/or counties had more votes than registered voters. They had turnouts that are statistically impossible. They had vote dumps that were 100% for one candidate (another statistical impossibility). Three counties in PA DECREASED Trump's votes by 10,000. Then in Philadelphia there was a 27,000 vote swing to put Biden ahead. 59 precincts in Philadelphia had a 100% vote for Biden. There was a 97% turnout in Philadelphia precincts. All for Biden.

We have seen many posts about Trump supporters refusing to accept the results, saying they are crybabies, etc.; some even go so far as to say there is NO proof of voter fraud, an incredible claim, based on the statistics alone. Others have immediately concluded that any fraud won't make a difference. No one will know until there is a thorough examination and count, and the State officials have complied with the requirements under Article I sec IV, and Article II section I, clause 2.

We follow this story because we advocate preparedness, and an election decided in a manner inconsistent with our expectations, such as immediate results, causes uncertainty, anger and civil unrest – events we must prepare for. Our fear is that this election will be decided for Trump in a manner the left will find completely unacceptable, e.g., in the courts, and for that, we advocate you prepare fastidiously.

This post was a joint effort between my show's producer, Jeff Johnson and myself. Please consider checking out The Wasatch Report Radio Show, and you can contribute directly via, or on the Home Page here, if you like our work!

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